Gallo Canyon site

The following is a list of 3 burials occurring at the Gallo Canyon site in Gallita Springs, Catron County, New Mexico.

Cemetery: Gallo Canyon site
GPS: N 34.03445 W 108.57012
County: Catron
Directions: N of NM 12 at Apache Creek on NM 32; N from Jewett Mesa Airstrip about 1.5 mi to Forest Road (FR) 93 going E; E 6.2 mi on FR 93 to Gallito Springs. Exact location of cemetery not known.

Gallo Canyon site at Gallita Springs, Catron County, New Mexico

Elsinger Robert 1856 1883 May 6 27
Grossetete Alexis 1856 Nov 8 1883 May 6 26 Husband of Clemence Poroude; Born Frenchville, PA
Grossetete Frederick Auguste 1868 Jan 5 1890 Jun 10 22 Born Lawrence, KS