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Cooney Tomb and Cemetery, Catron County, New Mexico

Cooney Tomb and Cemetery, Catron County, New Mexico

On April 29, 1880, Sergeant Cooney, Jack Chick, and a man whose last name was Buhlman were on horseback riding to Alma to warn the settlers of an Indian attack at the Cooney mine and the town of Cooney. Victorio had led a group of Chiricahua Apache tribal members in the massacre. Shortly thereafter, Sergeant Cooney’s brother Michael and miners from nearby Pinos Altos drilled, blasted and chipped a sepulcher for his remains in a large boulder. The Sergeant has remained interred there since. The following is a list of burials occurring at the Cooney Tomb and Cemetery in Catron County, New Mexico.

This project is dedicated to transcribing tombstones in the State of New Mexico.

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I think it’s important that we disclose where this information comes from, as it is not just a transcription of the actual gravestones. Of the over 2000 cemeteries we have, only a handful or so were actually walked.  Those few are listed by row and grave.  Probably less than 30 or so are this way.  All the rest of our listings come from death records, obituaries, death certificates, history of a town, previous listings in the library, etc.  We probably use 10 different sources for information.  That being said, those cemeteries are only in alpha order.


Being caught in transition, unfortunately brings with it 2 different methods of finding a grave. The first is to search by cemetery name or by the county which the cemetery is located, using the indices below. However, any newer cemetery is not linked to on those pages, but instead can be found in the county links to the right, or simply by searching. We hope to have this conversion process done in a month or two, and then the indices below will no longer be used.

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